A’Pieu Madecassoside Cream

I am a K-Beauty fanatic. I see no issue with falling down a Reddit rabbit hole for hours, making dozens of notes on my phone pertaining to products I need to try, products I need to further research, and products I need to purchase immediately. The whole world of K-Beauty entirely enthralls me, and though I was initially swept away by the unusual ingredients and cute packaging, I am now a faithful convert.

This A’Pieu cream is a staple when my skin is deciding to personally stage a rebellion against me. It is insanely effective for those days during your cycle when you either see an invader on your face or feel one brewing below the surface. Additionally, I use this if I have been overzealous with acids or retinols (a mistake I make embarrassingly frequently– the trials and tribulations of being a product junkie).

The cream is 40% centella asiatica water and 0.1% madecassoside, and also contains niacinamide– one of my favorite skincare ingredients. The moisturizer soothes irritated skin, repairs barrier damage, while also improves the appearance of enlarged pores, uneven skin tone and dullness.

This cream is a medium-weight, gel-based lotion, but once you apply it to your skin, you can immediately feel how nourishing it is. It absorbs fairly quickly, and doesn’t leave any white cast or residue upon the surface of your skin.

I have become obsessed with centella asiatica (the literal translation is ‘leaf water’). It is an antibacterial herb that is famously used to heal damaged skin, with the added benefit of lightening properties (great for those pesky hyperpigmentation issues). Somehow, even though it is a powerhouse ingredient, it is extremely gentle on the skin. Because of this (and all the aforementioned benefits), I would personally feel comfortable recommending this product to anyone– even those with the most sensitive skin. This moisturizer is the actual embodiment of a skincare product that is both reliable and comforting.