Odacite Rose Quartz Gua Sha

Gua sha has become my new obsession. I am someone who tends to sleep with their face smooshed against a pillow. Comfy? Yes. But I tend to wake up with a decent amount of puffiness. The best quick fix is using my gorgeous gua sha tool. Gua Sha, which literally means ‘scraping’ in Chinese, is an ancient Chinese beauty tool that helps drain lymphatic fluid from the face. Gua Sha dates back to the Ming Dynasty, where there are literal records of medical practitioners treating chronic pain issues related to inflammation with gua sha tools.

Our lymphatic system circulates lymph fluid by our muscles moving and contracting. Gua sha is helpful and necessary for lymphatic drainage in our face because we don’t tend to move our facial muscles that frequently or aggressively. The use of a gua sha tool will not only move the lymph fluid through your system, but also help you look more toned and sculpted. Yes please!!!

The key with a gua sha tool is to go in an upward, outward direction, and to press the tool on top of something with slip (like a serum or facial oil). I am practically a professional after watching dozens of YouTube tutorials dedicated to the ultimate gua sha technique. Aside from the puffiness disappearing, which is obviously major, other random gua sha bonuses I have noticed are that it can relieve headaches, alleviate jaw tension, and help with sinus pressure.

Gua sha tools can be made of anything: from bone, to plastic, or crystal. These Odacite gua sha tools come in rose quartz and green aventurine. For those that have no interest in what crystals supposedly do, no worries, just choose your fave color! For those that are interested… green aventurine attracts luck, abundance, and success, whilst rose quartz promotes love and harmony.