Beekeeper’s Naturals Propolis Throat Spray

I am obsessed with this throat spray. Pre Covid-19, I wouldn’t go to an airport without packing it in my carry-on, but now, it will always be in my handbag. Bee propolis is a wonder ingredient that has been celebrated for centuries. It has been proclaimed as a magical remedy from the Ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians. Bee propolis is the substance that bees use to construct their hives, and to seal any cracks. It is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antifungal.

There are only three ingredients in this product– bee propolis, glycerin, and purified water –and it genuinely tastes like honey. I am totally reliant on this when I have a sore throat, as it is an absolute lifesaver and provides immediate relief. When I am on a plane, I will spritz this liberally, and always have someone asking me about it. This throat spray is a very easy addition to add into your routine, and will work just as well with children. It is amazing as a simple immunity booster, particularly during stressful times, if you’re not sleeping enough, if you’re plagued by seasonal allergies, or if you can sense a cold coming.