Lunya Restore Pocket Legging

Lunya is one of those brands that made me entirely reevaluate what ‘cool’ loungewear is. I am not being hyperbolic when I say that everything is extremely comfortable and flattering. The Restore Pocket Legging is one of my personal fave Lunya items, which is all the more shocking considering I used to be positively phobic of wearing leggings in public. Until these entered my life!!!

Not only are they exceedingly comfy and flattering, but they somehow manage to make you feel swaddled (in the best possible way). There is something wholly disturbing about a constricting pair of leggings (why do I automatically think of sausages?), and these are the total opposite of said potential monstrosity.

They are crafted with Lunya’s signature ‘restore pima’, which apparently increases blood flow to help you recharge and boost circulation while you sleep. This entire range was designed to help your body deal with the effects of travel, and the pima cotton fabric itself is blended with far infrared fabric. I am certainly no scientist, but from what I can comprehend, the compression of the fabric uses your body heat to convert it to far infrared rays, which subsequently boost oxygen flow to the muscles, helping you feel more well-rested when you wake up.

They are phenomenal for travel, and if you are anything like me and emerge from a plane approximately three times larger than you were before stepping foot onboard, these will be a GODSEND. Having worn them for countless flights over the last year, I can safely say that they are the only leggings I would wear and recommend on long haul flights.

If you want to be reeeeeally extra (which is never a bad thing), you can pair the leggings with the Restore base tank, the long sleeve crew, and the socks, all of which are made with the same ingenious pima cotton.

Basically, this Lunya invention is the only thing I look forward to when getting on a plane, aside from the endless hours of mindlessly binge watching reality television.