Pursoma Hot Tub Bath Soak

This is a seriously powerful bath treatment. Pursoma’s bath soaks are full of pure, raw, vegan ingredients that make you feel as though you’re going through a much needed detox (trust me, it is way more appealing than I am making it sound).

This Hot Tub bath mixture helps warm and stimulate the body, whilst also promoting the elimination of any toxic build up. Warming ginger root– one of the key ingredients –assists in stimulating circulation, gets rid of excess fluids and mucus by easing sinus inflammation, and fights runny noses. Sea salt helps stimulate circulation and blood flow, and is also deeply purifying. And, last but not least, French green clay draws toxins out of your pores! After pouring all of the ingredients into a warm bath, soak for 15-30 minutes. When you’ve sufficiently relaxed and detoxed, rinse off and pat dry. Immediately wrap yourself in a comfy towel another 15-30 minutes (your body is continuing the detoxification process).

I use this bath whenever I have sinus infections, and it truly works wonders. It helps enhance whatever medicine I am already taking, and I am entirely reliant on it as a supplemental treatment. As a bonus, I tend to get a lot of sleep after using this! I shall never be flippant about medicinal baths again.