David’s Peppermint And Charcoal Toothpaste

This is a natural toothpaste that will make you want to chuck out your more conventional offerings. I was initially a skeptic. I thought that a natural toothpaste wouldn’t get the job done, and that my teeth would have that awful furry feeling that makes me cringe. This couldn’t be further from the truth. It whitens teeth, fights plaque, and freshens breath just like a toothpaste should. The texture is smooth and creamy (you don’t need to worry about any grittiness), and the formula is fluoride-free and vegan. The packaging itself is cool; it is fully recyclable and comes with an adorable metal knick-knack to roll the tube up when it’s reaching the end of its life.

It isn’t a hard adjustment going through your former toothpaste to this new one. The formula contains very finely crushed powdered limestone, which helps remove cavity-causing plaque and also whitens teeth. There is also baking soda present, which helps neutralize the plaque. And, last but not least, calcium carbonate– a natural mineral that removes surface stains and whitens. Aside from seeing how healthy my teeth look, they feel so clean (perhaps due to the blend of essential mint oils).