Grown Alchemist Age Repair Eye Cream

Eye cream is rather polarizing. There are truly two camps of people: those who wholeheartedly believe in the benefits of an eye cream, and those who could care less. I tend to be in the latter camp, but occasionally I will stumble upon an eye cream that changes my mind. If you are going to use an eye cream, this is one to try. I would rather refer to it as an eye treatment, as the formula contains a whole host of actives that actually do their job, unlike so many eye creams that are on the market. Its main claims are that it improves skin firmness and elasticity, both of which I have seen results in myself.

You should be gentle with your skin in general, but especially with the skin around your eyes. It is extremely delicate, and all that pulling and tugging can lead to wrinkles, which is why your eyes tend to be the first part of you to showcase signs of aging. You only need a small amount of this cream, and can gently dab it around the eye area until it is fully absorbed. A light hand is crucial, and people seem to always say that you should use your ring finger, as it has the lightest touch.

This eye cream goes on extremely smoothly, dries quickly, and isn’t sticky– a plus if you want to apply this before a full face of makeup. Your eyes definitely feel and look more hydrated after using this, and if you really want to increase the benefits and target dreadful puffiness (I always wake up with outrageously puffy eyes), you could leave this in the fridge and look forward to the cooling sensation in the morning.

You could use this product every day, morning, or night, but I find it to be extra useful when I am super sleep deprived or on a long haul flight. You only need a little at a time, so it will last for ages. The fragrance is super pleasant and delicate (not even remotely overpowering), and you don’t have to worry about it causing any tearing up (which weirdly happens to me with a lot of eye products). It is fab for all skin types, especially for more mature skins.