Keeko Morning Mint Oil Pulling Sachets

I am an oil pulling obsessive. As a creature of habit, once I add a new element to my morning routine, it is very quickly ingrained into my daily life. Oil pulling was one of those things I was always skeptical about. I had less than little interest in doing it, and frankly, was deterred by the thought of having to swish oil in your mouth immediately after waking up.


I read that oil pulling can help you during those mornings when you are absolutely dying of a hangover. I was sold immediately.

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that has a whole host of benefits, including whitening teeth, detoxifying the system, cutting through plaque, alleviating headaches, improving breath, strengthening teeth and gums, lessening hangovers, and reducing cavities. This Keeko blend is the simplest, tidiest way to oil pull, as each treatment comes in a little sachet. The base is organic, expeller-pressed, virgin coconut oil, but this blend also includes lemon, myrrh, peppermint, and spearmint oils. As an added bonus, coconut oil contains anti-viral properties. I know it all sounds like a lot, but trust me, it is an infinitely better experience than swishing around basic coconut oil.

The basic explanation as to why oil pulling is so fantastic is this: the bacteria in your mount is oil-soluble, so it can be removed safely with an oil. The oil breaks down plaque and allows your gorgeous teeth to shine! You should swish the oil for 5-15 minutes, and the longer you swish, the better the results. The important things to note are to not drink or eat anything prior to oil pulling, and do not swallow the oil!!! Instead, spit it in the loo and flush it so it doesn’t clog the pipes.