Siblings No 08 – Peony, Honeysuckle, & Amber

I am candle obsessed. I am one of those people that automatically feels better after lighting a candle. It is just an automatic pick me up. I find it to be such a pleasure, and I personally love the ritual of lighting a candle after coming home, or while I am getting ready to go out. Candles are little luxuries that I will never want to give up.

Siblings is a phenomenally inspiring candle company. The founders (you guessed it, two siblings), want to help the planet be healthier by tackling the immense problem of waste and throwaway culture. Most glass candle holders never get reused– a fact that I am oh-so-aware of (I gave up repurposing glass tumblers after I found homes for all my pens, eyeshadow brushes, and toothbrushes). Glass candle holders contribute to landfills, and horrifyingly, an empty candle can take up to a million years to break down. Siblings believes that every step towards sustainability matters, and that every purchase from their range can contribute positively.

Siblings have figured out a way for you to reuse your current candle vessels, or repurpose existing tumblers in your home. Their scented concoctions come in a plastic bag that you heat in the microwave and pour into your empty vessel. Very important side note! Their packaging is plant-based, and their candles are a natural coconut wax blend. You just have to microwave the mixture for three minutes, pour the wax in your empty vessel (with the wick pre-placed), and leave the candle to sit at room temperature for two hours. If you are really channeling Martha, you could add some dried rose petals or lavender buds into the liquid candle mixture before it sets. Another crucial thing to remember is to choose a vessel that can withstand the heat– the last thing you want after all your hard work is for the gorgeous wax to explode everywhere.

I have to say that lighting a Sibling candle feels extra gratifying. There is something to be said about feeling considerate of the waste problem. I also love that the wax is ‘clean’– this is a purchase you will have absolutely no remorse about. And just so we are clear, I am not very adept at anything crafty, so if I can do this in five minutes without causing the house to catch on fire, I am positive that you can.